Plan. Design. Execute.
A guide to putting together marketing communications based on lifelong learning (so far).

Table of Contents

SECTION I - Adventures in Advertising
Chapter One – Come to think of it, I'll have a Heineken.
Chapter Two – We take you there.
Chapter Three – A Few Good Men.
Chapter Four – The Toy Biz.
Chapter Five – The war in the store – Soft Drinks.
Chapter Six – Herb, Hank, and Frank.
Chapter Seven – Advertising to a Professional Audience – Sweeney's Revenge.
Chapter Eight – A Decade of Learning.
Chapter Nine – What's Next?
Chapter Ten – Mayberry, The Minors, and Dinner Theater.
Chapter Eleven – Because Great Cards are Hard to Find.
Chapter Twelve – Now in your grocer's freezer case.
Chapter Thirteen – Saving the Day.
Chapter Fourteen – Hot Shop.
Chapter Fifteen – There's No Business Like New Business.
Chapter Sixteen – Making Rain.
Chapter Seventeen – Lessons from Miami.
Chapter Eighteen – The Boatmen's Guy.
Chapter Nineteen – D'Arcy.
Chapter Twenty – Hey, what about client-side?
Chapter Twenty One – Greatest of the Great Awards.
Chapter Twenty Two – Some recurring themes.
Chapter Twenty Three – If you were my own brother, this is what I'd tell you.
Chapter Twenty Four – Miscellaneous Advertising Wit and Wisdom.

SECTION II – The Great Man
Chapter Twenty Five – Lessons from the Client-Side.
Chapter Twenty Six – Fred Kummer
Chapter Twenty Seven – Bob Clark
Chapter Twenty Eight – Dan Morgan
Chapter Twenty Nine – Greg Morgan
Chapter Thirty – Dr. John Benjamin Morgan
Chapter Thirty One – James O'Connell Morgan (and his wife)
Chapter Thirty Two – Chuck Porter
Chapter Thirty Three – Sundance

SECTION III – Celebrant Everything!
Chapter Thirty Four – Visiting Jerry.
Chapter Thirty Five – Rowdy Golf Weekend 07.
Chapter Thirty Six – Florida Spring Break.
Chapter Thirty Seven – The Truth Belongs to the Teller.
Chapter Thirty Eight – Rowdy Golf Weekend 08.
Chapter Thirty Nine – Slaying Dragons and Chasing Windmills.
Chapter Forty – I could have been a contender.
Chapter Forty One – Showdown at Sky Creek Ranch – Mano a Mano.
Chapter Forty Two – Cleveland Believeland, The Dawg Pound, The Boss and Obama.
Chapter Forty Three – Ben Morgan's Graduation.
Chapter Forty Four – Career Crisis Tips.
Chapter Forty Five – Playing a round with Ted Brown.

SECTION IV – Plan. Design. Execute.
Chapter Forty Six – Marketing Communications Plan.
Chapter Forty Seven – Sample Plan Highlights (annotated).
Chapter Forty Eight – The Creative Strategy Brief.


Make good brands better and new brands known