Morgan Studio

Morgan Studio was founded originally in 1951 by James O'Connell Morgan in Cleveland, Ohio. Morgan Studio offered professional design and commercial art services as Architects of the Printed Page. This positioning served the company well for more than four decades. Located in the historic Caxton Building downtown, the firm served a client base as diverse as the Cleveland business community. Morgan clients included a blue chip roster of companies such as Bonne Bell Cosmetics, Ohio Bell Telephone, Lake Erie Screw Corporation, Mooney Chemicals and Youngstown Steel Door. It was early exposure to this business that set Wes Morgan on a course that took his career from freelance graphic artist through college to full service advertising agencies and director of corporate communication and now business owner.

Adventures in Advertising

Wes invested the first 15 years of his career fine-tuning skills as a marketer in full-service advertising agency environments in New York, Los Angeles, Raleigh (NC), Miami and St. Louis. Brand assignments include a long list of well known and some lesser known brands such as Matchbox Toys, The United States Marine Corps, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Pepsi, Campbell's Soup, SeaPak and Farm Rich frozen foods.

Corporate Communications

In 1998 Morgan refocused his career, eventually contributing to three significant corporate environments headquartered in St. Louis. As Vice President of Marketing and Director of Corporate Communications for two privately-held companies (HBE and Clayco) and as Director of Global Communications for the publicly-traded Thermadyne (NASDAQ: THMD), Morgan accumulated another dozen years experience planning, managing and implementing integrated marketing communications.

Morgan Studio/East

Morgan Studio/East is based on the notion that most firms have the tools in place to manage a comprehensive communications program that can help Make Good Brands Better and New Brands Known but often fall short on two critical elements: 1) solid planning and 2) commitment to manage and execute the plan.

Wes Morgan always wanted to follow the entrepreneurial spirit of the original Morgan Studio, so he established Morgan Studio/East in 2010 to help companies find the right mix of strategy, planning and execution to implement sustainable marketing program.

Plan. Design. Execute.

Plan. Design. Execute. A guide to putting together marketing communications based on lifelong learning (so far) provides some insights into a variety of challenges companies face in developing actionable marketing communications programs in support of building brand equity that becomes a part of the company's standard operating procedures. The book, (chapters of which are available FREE on this website), offers insights into agency life and lessons followed by the thrills and challenges of managing corporate communications. The book is intensely personal and honest. You'll get a peek into advertising adventures. You get insight into businesses situations and see examples of leadership style of what Morgan calls the "great man." The book also shares some of the influences of family, friends and fellow golfers. The lessons are applicable, accessible and offered along with a framework for planning, building and executing your own marketing communications program.

The book is purposefully written as objectively as one can write about their own experiences. It is offered with an eye toward helping companies understand the very real challenges inherent in crafting a sustainable programs of thoughtful and integrated marketing communications.

Morgan is a Miami Hurricane with two degrees from University of Miami (FL), a bachelor's degree with double major in graphic design and creative writing and an MBA with a marketing emphasis.

Make good brands better and new brands known